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Conversational AI for Analytics

A new way to work with data - making analytics 100x easier. Connect to any data source and start data discovery by just asking questions in plain english. See results not in months, not in weeks; in minutes.

What can Diana bring to your organisation

With Diana, unleash your organisation's data, be it financial, marketing, sales, supply chain, HR etc. and power high-impact use cases, including strategic data discovery, finance analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain management and many more.

No Coding, No Infrastrucutre

Let Diana do all the work in the background and help you uncover insights. Diana works on your machine and no need to spend time assessing Infrastucture needs. 

Transform your industry

Diana provides the entire business with self-service insights to provide transformative insights; in any department. 

Natural Language Query

We solve most problems by talking and asking questions. Diana brings that to your enterprise, so you can understand you data using the easiet mode possible.


Safe and secure.

Your data never leaves you laptop. Diana is a desktop application and uses custom On-Device machine learning to help you with queries. 

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